My training experience

I am working as a professional trainer (next for being one of the most active chess players in the world!) since many years (more than 20!)…between my chess students I had European champion under 20 (now GM De Vrougt (Holland), the European Champion(2008) U18 Xavi Villa, world champion under 16 (now already GM Gershon), French women champion and (WGM Marrie Sebag), the champion of Italy Elena Sedina, Gm’s Thal Abergel and Nataf some of the strongest players of France, Manuel Palacios and Gavril Draghic i-few times champions of Spain of chess for Blind(ONCE), my student Carla Heredia became this year 2nd WGM in her country…and many more!

I worked also as a second of Vlad Tkachiev that two times played world quarter-final matches…and a coach of the Dutch national women team in few Euro championships and Olympiads, (between them WGM Peng one of the best world women players for years who  was 3rd place in last European champ. She won gold medal on 1 board in the European Team championship 2007, and she is 10 times Dutch women champion.) I’m actually working as a trainer and a manager of top GM player 2700+ and many other future title players, IMs and WGMs. 

I was a coach of Italian national women team in Torino Olympiads 2006, and also coach-captain of the National Italian men team that got an historical best result in Khanty 2010 and Historical best result on the Chess Olympiad 2012!

I had  chess training groups  in Israel, Holland, Spain, France, Italy…