More about me:

I am very proud of all my chess students. Many of them already have the GM title but, more than anything else, I am most proud to be a father of a very sweet girl called Carolina (15 years old already!), a little boy named Rafael (who’s 6 years old) and a husband of a sweet wife called Tatiana (a Chess Woman International Master, but mainly a great mother!).

OLALA is a famous expression that, I guess, is original from France. I was lucky to live there for a few years (and I still have many French friends!) and somehow I liked so much to hear very often this ‘OLALA’ and to discover that it is used for many different situations with different meanings, all depends on the way or tone you pronounce it! In this case I mainly use the ‘OLALA’ to describe an especial chess style, that I tried to follow during the years in my chess games and also tried to pass to my chess students and chess friends!

When I speak about ‘OLALACHESS’, or ‘OLALA chess style’ I mean to describe a new way developed by me based on a POSITIVE WAY OF THINKING ABOUT CHESS that search for harmony, and the search of pleasure in our games!

So when in one game or position we see something beautiful or amazing (and we almost have no words to describe our surprise or happiness) it can make us say in one simple word: ‘OLALA!!!’I guess it also means ‘wowww’ in other languages. So I would say that one of the main ideas of this new site is first of all to smile, and then to transmit this ‘OLALA CHESS’ knowledge all around the world to people that really love chess and is motivated to improve and have more fun in their games!

It’s true that we have more fun when we win but, we should never forget that chess is only a game and by losing one bad game we might ‘win’ a good friend!

‘OLALACHESS’ is the new future chess style: my main aim is to help others to take more care of each of their chess pieces, so each one will ‘smile’! and then, to be able to make all pieces work together in harmony, so we can make nice combinations and really enjoy the magic of this great game called CHESS!

So let’s OLALA everybody! Come and visit my site where you can see some OLALA inspiring games for free and get the chance to subscribe for OLALACHESS lessons from me and from many other OLALACHESS experts!Be ready for something very especial and original, since I always think we should respect and study the past, but at the same time we must try to be creative and try to find new ways to make us enjoy more whatever we do!

Keep smiling and give love to your family, friends, nature or anybody you meet! It’s for free but feels great, feels OLALA!

Guys, just don’t forget that there is nothing that love and a good sense of humor cannot beat!