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Studies carried out in many countries have repeatedly
shown that SYSTEMATIC STUDY OF CHESS leads to
develop in many aspects your personality and help to many children and adults to improve:

-Logical thought
-Eye-brain co-ordination
-Thinking ahead
-Considering alternatives
-Concrete analysis
-Abstract thought
-Long-range planning
-Reading skills
-Responsibility for ones own actions
-Team spirit
-Research skills
-Aesthetic judgement
-Acceptance of success and failure
... and much else besides.

-It also provides opportunities for friendship with likeminded
people (through joining clubs and playing in
tournaments), an outlet for competitive urges, a heritage
dating back hundreds of years and a literature unrivalled in
its breadth and depth.

-It is a game that is played in every country in the world,
and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender,
race or religion.

-Successful players have the chance to travel both
nationally and internationally to take part in matches and


....Chess provides tremendous intellectual
stimulation as well as the opportunity to escape from the
drudgery of everyday life into another world.

Don't believe anyone who tells you chess is boring. It can be
played at any speed from bullet - each player has one
minute to complete the game, to international
correspondence chess, where games can last several years.

And if you haven't witnessed - or experienced - the
excitement of a time scramble, with both players rushing
to complete the game before they run out of time, you
really haven't lived.

Quite simply, chess is the greatest
game in the world. You owe it to your children to give
them the chance to try it out for themselves.


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